Liability exclusion

1. Content of the Internet offer


This Internet offer is used exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes. The contents are compiled by the author according to best knowledge and conscience. The author takes over no guarantee for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Liability claims against the author which refer to damages of physical or idealistic kind which were caused by the use or non-use of the presented information and/or information erroneous through the use and incomplete are fundamentally impossible provided that on the part of the author there is no demonstrably deliberate or coarsely negligent fault. The author reserves explicitly to change parts of the pages or the entire offer without separated announcement to complement, to put out or to stop the publication temporarily or finally.


2. References and links


With direct or indirect references to other weaving-pages (hyperlinks) that lie outside of the area of responsibility of the author a liability obligation to prevent the use in the case of illegal contents would kick exclusively in the case in operation in which the author of the contents has knowledge and would be technically possible and reasonable to him it. The author declares with that that at the moment of the link settlement no illegal contents were recognizable on the pages to be linked explicitly. Onto the current and future organization, the contents or the authorship the conned / pages linked has the author no influence. Therefore he dissociates from all contents explicitly with that all conned / pages that were changed according to the link settlement linked. This determination is valid for all links set within the own Internet offer and references as well as for external entries in the established forum of the team. For illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and in particular for damages that arise from the use or non-use of such kinds of presented information only the provider of the page which were referred to does not cling that one that only refers to the respective publication about links.



3. Author and brand right


The author is eager to pay attention to the copyrights of the used graphics and texts in all publications, to use graphics plotted by him itself and texts or to fall back to license-free graphics and texts. All sign and product trademarks mentioned within this Internet offer and where appropriate protected by Third are subjected without limit to the definitions of the in each case valid sign right and the possession rights of the respective entered estates. Due to the bare mention the end is only not to be drawn, that trademarks are not protected to third party through rights. The copyright for published, objects constructed by the author himself stays only with the author of the pages. A copy or use of such graphics and texts in electronic other ones or printed publications are not without explicit approval of the author allowed.



4. Data protection


Provided that within the Internet offer the possibility for the input of personal or commercial dates (E-Mail postal addresses, references to Internet pages of the user, names, addresses) exists, the abandonment of these dates occurs so on the part of the user on explicitly voluntary basis. The stress of all offered services is allowed - so far technically possible and reasonable - also without information of such dates and/or under information of anonymized dates or a pseudonym. The use of the contact dates published within the framework of the imprint or comparable information as postal addresses, phone and fax numbers as well as enamel postal addresses through third party for the consignation of explicitly not requested information is not allowed. Legal steps against the consigners of so-called Spam-mail with violations of this prohibition are reserved explicit. All persons mentioned within this Internet offer contradict every commercial use and transmitting of their dates with that. Cf. § 28 BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - Data security law).



5. Right effectiveness of this liability exclusion


This liability exclusion is to be considered as a part of the Internet offer from which this page was referred to. Provided that parts or individual formulations of this text of the valid right situation not, no more or not complete should correspond, the remaining parts of the document in their content and their validity of that remain unchanged.



6. Technologies the etracker GmbH


Within this Internet offer dates are collected through technologies the etracker GmbH ( in anonymized form to distribution and optimization purposes and stored. From these dates subscription sets are created under a pseudonym. To that Cookies which collect dates exclusively, however, in pseudonymized form and store dates can be used. The dates are not used for identifying the user of this Internet offer in person, and are not combined with dates over the carrier of the pseudonym. Cookies are small text files. Most browsers accept Cookies automatically. One can change the attitude of the browser, however, in order to avoid this. The author can not guarantee then, however, that all fields of this Internet offer function as designatedly. How one blocks Cookies in detail is dependent on the used browser. The help function or the corresponding menus of the browser contain normally further information to that.



7. Advertizing


Also money is invested in this Internet offer next to time in order to amuse the domain, in order to acquire the software needed for the preparation and improvement of this Internet offer corruptibly as soon as in order to support the Internet offer of BOINCstats ( with 10 % of the gains from the advertizing for the availably set evaluations. Advertizing covers a part of these entire costs. Without these gains it would be to the author impossible to hold this Internet offer in an online way. It is goal to work to a large extent in a cost-covering way.



8. Title protection advice


The author of "" takes according to § 5 Section 3 MarkenG (Gesetz über den Schutz von Marken und sonstigen Kennzeichen - Law about the protection of brands and other sign) nationwide title protection in use for BOINC@Halle/Saale, BOINC@Halle(Saale) and BOINC@Halle in all spelling, font / character size, representation forms, short cuts, modifications, word combinations, titles, subtitles, graphic representations and compositions within following factory categories: Print media, merchandising, events, fair-exhibition, audio vision, radio & television, movie, picture-sound, telecommunication, online-publications, Internet-projects and domain titles. The title protection exists from appearance of this Internet offer (01.05.2005).

I.D.I. Interessenverband Deutsches Internet e.V., Franz-Wolter-Strasse 38, 81925 München, Deutschland



9. Final determination


All right relationships between the author and the user in connection with the use of this Internet offer are subjected to the right of the Federal Republic of Germany. Venue is hall provided that the user is businessman, a legal person of the public right or a public-legal special property or if he has his residence or seat abroad.



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