Welcome in the Team "BOINC@Halle/Saale"



The team "BOINC@Halle/Saale" is the member-strongest and the with distance computing power strongest team of the city Halle/Saale to support scientific investigation projects within the framework of "BOINC" (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing). With "BOINC" extensive scientific computations also without the use of expensive supercomputers are facilitated. With that the possibility to support current scientific investigations in an acting way is offered every Internet user. Every Internet user with an own computer can participate.


The team "BOINC@Halle/Saale" is open to all Internet users, independent of age, origin and/or nationality. Internet users are worldwide very cordially in this respect - also without regional attachment to the city "Halle/Saale" - welcome. The team is the Germany-wide first BOINC team with "BOINCcast", where information are available as Podcast about BOINC and BOINC projects.


The team "BOINC@Halle/Saale" belongs currently to the worldwide best 1 % all BOINC teams as well as to the Germany-wide best 1 % all BOINC teams. With that the team "BOINC@Halle/Saale" is of course also the best placed team of the city Halle/Saale in the BOINC team statistics.



Good entertainment with the Internet offer of the team "BOINC@Halle/Saale"


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