The representation of an own video live stream within the framework of this Internet offer is set exclusively only to acting members of the team "BOINC@Halle/Saale" availably. A legal claim on representation of the own video live stream does not exist, however.


For the representation of a video live stream the free software by MyOwnCam is needed. The author is not responsible for damages of physical or idealistic kind due to a use (direct or indirect) of the software. The use of the software by MyOwnCam completely occurs on own risk. A transfer of illegal or illegal contents does not keep on being within the framework of the video live stream allowed. In this connection - also with regard to possible liability claims - the "Imprint" is referred to explicitly.



1. Installation and adjustment of the software by MyOwnCam


a) Download and installation of the software


It is recommended to use only the link to the Download of the software. A Download of the Internet offers of various third providers is not to be recommended with regard to the safety hazard possibly associated with that. With that it is guaranteed thus that always the most current software stands availably.


Install and start then the program "MyOwnCam" then. In this case the connected Webcam is recognized self-continuously and the necessary drivers for the utilization automatically loaded.



b) Adjustment of an account at MyOwnCam


The adjustment of an account at MyOwnCam occur via the program "MyOwnCam" itself. You go onto "SpeedStream" above "view" and "Configure settings" and you control the button "Sign up for new account".



The input mask for a new account at MyOwnCam looks in the program "MyOwnCam" as follows:



The chosen user name becomes component of a under-domain with own Internet postal address / URL in the form "" or "" on which according to the video live stream adjustment of the account can be considered. Enter the required information and control then the button "Sign up".



2. Display of the webcam in the "Team videochat"


You send an E-Mail onto * please and you tell into that the chosen "Username" as well as the chosen extension of the Internet address "" or "" (for example or with. The linking of the video live streams within the framework of this Internet offer occurs then for a short period of time.



With further questions to the adjustment and use of the software by MyOwnCam the available possibilities "Team forum" and E-Mail * are available to all members of the team "BOINC@Halle/Saale".